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Help with subsidence claims

Does your home or business suffer from Subsidence? Due to the long and hot summer that has recently passed, subsidence insurance claims have rocketed!  If you have an insurance policy or warranty that covers your property, it is now time to call in an expert who specialises in subsidence claims.

How to Spot Subsidence

Many property owners have suddenly noticed new building subsidence signs that were not noticeable before. Some signs of subsidence will include one of the following:

  • New cracks appearing in walls that are more than 3 millimetres thick.
  • Doors and windows are suddenly sticking.
  • Subsidence cracks appearing in the weaker parts of the building such as around door and window frames.
  • If you have had an extension built, cracks may appear where it joins on to your property.

What Are the Causes of Subsidence?

There are a number of different factors that cause building subsidence:

  • Soil around your property may have a high concentration of clay. During prolonged hot weather, the clay can shrink and expand. This is because it loses its water content. The opposite effect will occur once water is re-absorbed. This will cause the ground below your property to move.
  • Large trees situated near to your property can such up a tremendous amount of water. This too will have a negative effect on the soil, leading to house subsidence. Roots can also grow and extend around or below your foundations.
  • Another cause of property subsidence is through damaged drains. If your drain is leaking, that water can soften the ground around your property. This can also cause the soil to simply wash away.

After the hot summer there has been a record number of insurance claims for subsidence

Subsidence Insurance Claims Will Cost Insurers Over £64 Million This Year!

After the summer of 2018, insurers claim that they have received a record number of subsidence claims. In fact, there have been over 10,000 insurance claims submitted due to subsidence so far. This has been the highest level of insurance claims since 2012.

The majority of these subsidence claims are for properties in the South East of England. Although there is usually a higher excess charge, most people will be glad to know that they are covered by general building insurance.

Help with subsidence insurance claims

Help with Subsidence Claims

Did you know that there is help available when your property suffers from subsidence? You will be happy to learn that there are companies who specialise in insurance claims resulting from subsidence. After all, managing an insurance claim yourself can be a very complicated procedure.

Did you know, with subsidence claims, you have the right to appoint your own surveyor? You can also appoint loss adjusters of your choice too. By taking advantage of a service like this, you are able to provide extra expert opinions.

The reason I say this is simply this: How would you know what your insurance claim is worth if you are not a subsidence expert yourself? By employing experts in subsidence claims, they are able to negotiate with your insurer. This will ensure that the claim is complete to your satisfaction by covering all the aspects.

Why would you even take the risk of not appointing someone to manage your subsidence claim and negotiate for you? After all, if your insurer offered you a settlement figure, would you really know if it was enough?

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